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Well designed hospitality + modern spaces supports the health of our planet.  With hemp, we have the opportunity to make products for the spaces + consumer wellness products that reflect these values.  We are advocating the movement for industrial hemp to be a natural part of our daily lives. We develop products and tools for spaces using sustainable materials and supporting regenerative industries.  


Behind the vision…

Kelsi Lavicka and Sarah Harf came together through their passions for art, music (Nils Frahm to be specific!), design, sustainability, and their desire to create elevated spaces that have a high level of intention and connection to nature. 

Sarah began building MoonCloth in 2016 as an e-commerce hemp lifestyle shop and a platform for artisan products made from hemp. Finding herself in the space of working with hemp and creating a community of people who make products that embody a lifestyle of beauty and also do good for the earth, she knew she was onto something really amazing. Sarah started prototyping the first MoonCloth products, which were tea towels and napkins and was using all hemp based textiles to produce amazing events and gatherings as an entry point to educating about all the benefits of hemp made materials. Sarah knew she needed a partner to grow the business and bring the awareness of hemp to the next level.

Kelsi took a big leap of faith when she left her day job, previously working in e-commerce at a sustainable luxury fashion company, she was soul searching for a bigger creative endeavor, and a business partner to venture down the road less traveled. When Kelsi came across MoonCloth Shop and all the associated artists and creators working with hemp, she knew there was something really special in the collective energy of these brands and designers. She took a serious interest in hemp as a material and thought a lot about how it could be pushed further and used to create truly good for us + good for the earth products for our daily lifestyles, our bodies and our homes, and was amazed and fascinated about how this plant is also healing the planet! 

When Kelsi and Sarah met their passions, career goals, and lifestyles intersected many times over. Together they knew they could take MoonCloth to a much bigger place; over the last year they have spent a lot of time educating about hemp as a regenerative material, prototyping, proving it’s beauty and luxury by creating a variety of hemp products and bringing hemp into well designed spaces. They share a dream to design for a future fully encompasses sustainability through nature, beauty, and artistry. 

Currently they are working really hard to come up with solutions in the sustainability space. It was a natural to begin working with boutique and luxury hotels and hospitality brands, this has been an amazing way to test out and prove the MoonCloth products in a focused way, that will soon be coming into the consumer market. The focus of working with hospitality has provided the opportunity to find solutions for eliminating single use plastic waste, and designing beautiful spaces with regenerative natural materials. Ultimately they are curating an experience where people cannot deny the luxury and beauty nature gives us to work within. 

Kelsi and Sarah are so grateful to be on this journey and have so much gratitude for all of their amazing partners and teammates. The magic is in collaboration and they know that working together is better; MoonCloth would not exist without all of the incredible partners, teams, friends, and family supporting the vision to make this dream come to life.