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Feng Shui + Modern Eco Design

When we think of interior design with a new age twist, Feng Shui is the first thing that comes to mind. Feng Shui is a system for organizing space in accordance with Qi, the ever-present energies of the universe. This system encourages working with what we have and being aware of what is, in order to create harmony in our lives. Rather than overhaul our spaces, the principles of Feng Shui emphasize subtle and attentive use of our spaces and the items within, to make the most of what we have. Think of it as fine-tuning and making adjustments in order to emphasize what is most important.

The values of the eco-design movement are similar to those underlying Feng Shui - to make the most of the resources we have on this Earth and to work in harmony with the forces of nature.


The philosophies of eco-design take into consideration the entire lifecycle of a product, from its building blocks to its end. Hemp is currently in the spotlight for bringing the home and architecture back into sync with the natural world. For example, a Tel Aviv-based architecture firm has begun building spaces with their very own hemp concrete out of concern for the sustainability of conventional concrete (or lack thereof). Meanwhile, hemp agriculture is at its core a sustainable land use practice which helps clean the soil and remediate farmland. Eco-design takes into consideration all aspects of manufacture to ensure the production of an environmentally friendly product from start to finish.

At MoonCloth, we focus on materials - those used to direct Qi positively in our lives and the energy used in order to bring those materials into our lives. The more negative consequences for the environment that are attached to the things in our space, the more we are out of harmony with our surroundings, and thus the more negative Qi we invite into our surroundings. Through the simple adjustments of Feng Shui and through the attention to details offered by the principles eco-design, we may create spaces filled with materials which bring our lives into greater harmony with the natural world.