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Harvest Moon: A Guide to Align Yourself Using Color, Texture and Scents for Fall

FALL FENG SHUI mooncloth kelsey roenau vireshwara collage artist digital artist

Color theory is a principle of fine art based on the idea that colors have inherent meanings and signal emotions – and color is one of the most magical aspects of fall. As leaves turn from lush greens to warm tones, it is the universal sign that energetic summer is coming to a close. As our atmosphere cools, our energy slows, and we are brought back “down to earth.” The reds, oranges, and yellows of fall connect us to the grounding energies of the Earth and the lower chakras associated with shelter, sensuality, and self-esteem. We are inspired to embrace and honor these themes and to welcome these energies into our lives through meaningful items and intentional practices. As we move through phases and season, the world draws attention to patterns and cycles. In feng shui these changes are associated with earth’s elements. In the transition between summer and fall we are moving through the earth phase. This energy emphasizes nurturing and taking care, stabilizing, and coming back to your center.

harvest moon collage by kelsey roenau for mooncloth designs fall feng shui ritual blog

In addition to color, incense, candles, and oils are some of our favorite symbols for the senses.

This season, ditch the florals and herbs for resinous, earthly, woody scents such as amber, oud, and musk. They are ethereal and vibe strongly with these autumn themes. Using colors and scents, you can enhance the mystical and symbolic qualities of a space through the senses. Using scent and daily rituals to create sacred space in your home is a great way to transition into the fall after a whirlwind of summer, traveling and adventuring.

At MoonCloth we are thinking all about fall nesting right now! Rearranging your bedroom is a great way to prepare for the inevitable winter. Pay special attention to blankets, décor, and those special things that make you feel comfortable, sexy, and expressive. You are invited to focus on grounding activities like cooking healthy homemade meals and realigning with our routines. The harvest season is a great time for bringing some magic into the kitchen as well. We encourage you to tap into the deeper meaning of this season in your life. Harness the energies of fall by making the most of foods, colors, and rituals in keeping with the season.

moon cloth designs hemp seed meditation oil collage art by kelsey roenau vireshwara

We recommend these practices to incorporate the earth elements in our space and invite grounding into our lives through ritual.

  • Our “Sacred Space Mist” is great on your face, body and to be used all around your sacred space. Every morning make a routine by adding the sacred space mist to the beginning or end of a meditation.

  • Using home made ritual burn bundles, palo santo or try harvesting natural lavender and wrapping it tightly to dry for a few days. Then open all the windows in your home and clear out the stagnant energy by using the smoke from the bundle to cleanse the space throughout your home.

  • Make a “throughout the day” ritual by incorporating our Meditation Breath Practice Oil, made from Palo Santo and Copal; both very earthy and grounding. You can roll the oil on your wrists and just breathe deeply, even for 30 seconds is enough, taking the time to recenter yourself and throughout your day on the go and at work to return back to yourself and stay in the present.

  • Think about painting a room in your house an earthy color, maybe a beautiful tan or terra cotta in your living room to enhance the space for grounding, and gathering. You can even just enhance the room by painting 1 wall as an accent wall.

  • Switch out your rugs! Bring in a rug with earthy tones, and natural fibers. At MoonCloth, we love our vintage hemp rugs (that we found in Turkey!) with natural dyes. Rugs are so easy and fun to trade out throughout the year, and easy way to bring a totally different feel to your space. Try layering a current rug with an earthy jute rug underneath.

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Blog written by Lindsey Madison, collage art by Kelsey Roenau, MoonCloth photography by Hannah Thornhill