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Move Over Cannabis, Hemp is Here to Stay


Late this June, the senate voted on the 2018 Farm Bill which could legalize hemp after a decades long ban. This piece of legislation sets the standard for agricultural practice in the U.S. for the next 5 years.

Hemp and Marijuana are two different plants. (Wow really?… Yes this is true.)  Hemp is an incredibly versatile plant, which has been cultivated for thousands of years.

Soon all our favorite things about hemp will be much more easily available. Much of the hemp goods sold in the U.S. are dependent upon industrial hemp imports from China, Canada and India, but all that is expected to change with the US legalizing its production.

With this change on the horizon, we have decided to adjust our sails here at MoonCloth.

We would like to be instrumental in the acceptance of hemp in our society because we believe in all its powerful benefits. We believe strongly in its power as a green and healthy alternative to plastics, synthetic materials, and other Earth-harming industries. We asked ourselves how MoonCloth can advocate for sustainability and strengthen the vision for hemp in this new landscape. We found our answer in hemp textiles and designs for hospitality.


The world of hospitality has historically been receptive to sustainability initiatives. If you’ve visited a major hotel chain recently, you have probably been reminded not to leave your towel on the floor if you don’t need it to be washed. This is one of many examples of the hospitality industry making an effort to scale back its large environmental impact. The recent move away from plastic straws has been picked up by hotels as well. The Marriot and Four Seasons franchises are working toward phasing out plastic straws and other single-use plastics such as shampoo bottles. Even some airlines are getting with the times!

Millennials are the green generation, who also love to travel and capture all those Instagramable moments. The global travel industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing sectors in the world.

We believe there are numerous ways in which hemp can strengthen this trend toward sustainable hospitality. Even the simplest of textiles, such as cotton are bombarded with hazardous chemicals in the processes they undergo before reaching the market and immediate ecosystems after purchase.


These chemicals are used to modify everything from appearance to washability. Likewise, the “race to the bottom” toward cheap, low-quality textiles for everything from fast fashion to carpet to towels leaves us with ever growing quick-use plastic waste. Hemp provides a sustainable alternative to these problems and hospitality is our point of entry.

Hemp textiles are durable, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, resistant to mold and mildew.  Hemp is also one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics currently available. It requires half as much land and half as much water to grow compared to other fiber plants. Untreated, undyed, unbleached, and natural fabrics only have a place in our lives if we make room for them. Creating a niche for these fabrics is our mission for sustainability and our contribution toward a healthier world.

We look forward to partnering with interior design firms and hospitality groups to bring more sustainable designs into all aspects of hospitality and support this larger eco-tourism trend.