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Wellness Starts with Our Environment

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“Our environment” could mean the land and air that we share, all over the earth. The textile industry is a hazardous and wasteful industry which leeches carcinogenic toxins into our soil, water, and air. The National Resource Defense Council estimates that standard textile mills are responsible for 1/5 of the world’s water pollution. To mitigate these detriments to the environment, the NRDC works with big brands to help them make more responsible choices when sourcing textiles and other materials for their products. We know that manufacturing countries, such as China, have intense air pollution issues from factories. Ultimately, that dirty air diffuses across the planet, lowering air quality globally. Did you know that air pollution is something impacting us inside of our homes as well?


The condition of “our environment” is defined by the choices we make both as consumers and as citizens.


On that note, “our environment” could also mean our immediate surroundings. In 2018, the PRX podcast 99% Invisible did a miniseries all about fashion and clothing. Their episode on “Blue Jeans” was particularly striking. They describe in detail all the water-wasteful practices of creating denim. They also share some scary facts about plastic, including the polyester fiber used to make a majority of modern jeans and other textiles. As plastic decays, the material transforms slowly back into gas… a toxic gas. This material is found all over our homes and we drape it over our bodies. And when we are done with it, polyester and other plastics are left to decompose hazardously in landfills.

The health of our planet is directly related to our wellness as human beings. Recognizing this connection is essential. We must start seeing our environment, as well as the choices we make, as an extension of ourselves. We must value ourselves, our wellness, and our environment enough to make conscious choices that benefit (rather than degrade) each of these things. We know that things which are mindfully produced are better for us and our world, and this is what we strive for at MoonCloth.