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Eco-Conscious Desert Oasis

We were given the opportunity to co-create and design the ultimate dreamy eco-conscious hemp burning man camp in the desert of black rock city. We utilized our hemp materials and manufacturing resources to develop infrastructure while bringing comfort, durability, longevity, to a beautiful eclectic vibe of a 150 person camp. As artists on this project, we hand dyed and painted every piece of hemp fabric with natural dye. The fabric was then utilized and produced into all of the camp’s cushions, decor pillows and furniture in lounge and communal areas. We reused recycled building materials, built furniture from recycled pallet wood, and sourced all the decor secondhand from vintage shops, flea markets to estate sales for the DJ altar, floating altars, lighting, candle holders, rugs, and much more.


We also created special hemp ponchos and hemp seed oil infused with palo santo (from a regenerative farm,) coconut essential oil perfume blends as gifts for every camper who made this experience so magical. We sourced every decor item and manufactured as much as we could in California. We worked to keep our decor sourcing and manufacturing greenhouse gas emissions footprint as low as possible. We tried to limit our Amazon buying and did not buy anything from any major retail outlets.

Morning breath work facilitator by Artist Crussen. Video shot by Cosmic.

It was a huge undertaking to produce, manufacture and test out our hemp materials and products in this type of temporary container and harsh environment. It was a big labor of love that came from the depths of our souls to share the space and really show what hemp can do and how it can become one with healing environments, it truly embodies our personal ethos. We would love to continue the discussion of how more burning man camps can reduce waste, stop micro plastic breakdown, single use furniture, fabrics, and decor!


We embodied all of Burning Mans 10 principles. We took it to the next level to be fully sustainable focused artist, empowered by our community to create an environment that was so unique and welcoming for all to enjoy. One of Burning Man’s top principles is Decommodification, which we 100% worked with and did not make any profits on this project. It was labor of true artistry, love, sweat, tears, frustration, creative madness, radical self-expression and working with the campers dues to put everything back into the camp.

The camp offers healing and wellness programming for everyone to enjoy. Daily morning dance sessions, breath practice, alongside healthy ayurvedic breakfasts, live music, as well hosting incredible educational talks and space for sharing our personal journeys are some of the many gifts the camp brings to the playa. It was truly a dream to create and hold the space, the container for all the magic to happen, and we hope you enjoy the photos of fun vibe we created! All photos by Kristina Bakrevski

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‘SEE ME…. I SEE YOU’  Mirrored reflection signs by artist  Bība Bianca

‘SEE ME…. I SEE YOU’ Mirrored reflection signs by artist Bība Bianca

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