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Moment Hemp Bath+Body Products

We are excited to announce MOMENT, our bath + body collection.

These products are about taking a moment to connect with yourself and the environment you are in. We will be featuring this product line with 3rd party retailers and online shops starting fall 2019. We are doing private label design for other hospitality brands and developing hotel room amenities.


MOMENT is a perfect example of our service offerings and how we are able to design an execute unique eco-friendly bath + body products for any hospitality environment. Refillable and replenishment options available.  

We feel that this project is an opportunity to see how we can utilize the amazing natural regenerative ingredients, like hemp oil, and customize the scents inspired by locale and specific to it’s place. Overall this line is meant to create and even deeper connection to well designed spaces. Our private label and custom hospitality products are not limited to this design. Contact us for more info about wholesale retail and private label design. 


MoonCloth Designs founders, Sarah Harf and Kelsi Lavicka, have a long time interest in bathing culture, bath houses, natural beauty, and the daily practice of self care. Our deepest connection to nature, is the one we have with ourselves. Our favorite way to be in the present is through bathing rituals, to take a pause and begin again; those moments are truly sacred.

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